Our Mission

Sliced-Pi is committed to bring you the best software applications for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and we will focus on ensuring your experience with those devices is productive - and even fun!    While our primary mission is to bring you best-of-breed productivity applications, we haven't forgotten that life is not all work. You will also find some simple and entertaining games listed on our site and available through AppStore.

Of course many companies say they will provide great customer support, but at Sliced-Pi we really mean it.    We are driven by customer satisfaction which means we will respond to questions and go that extra mile to help you when you have a problem with one of our products or if you just need that one simple feature to improve your experience. We enjoy the iPhone platform a lot and we just want everyone else to have as much fun as we do.    Let's face it, we're a small company, which means we need to do it better - and we do through total customer satisfaction.

What's on This Site?

Through this web site Sliced-Pi provides you with descriptions of our products and services.    If you want to download demos or purchase products you can do so from the Apple AppStore.

We also have links to Apple news and related sites where you can find other products and services to improve your experience.

Like you, we're pretty busy working with our iPhones and iPads or just having fun with them, but we will keep this site updated as often as necessary.    So come back often to find out what's new. Of course if we can assist you with our products and services don't hesitate to contact us using our regular support address, .


One of our goals is to reach as many iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users as possible and we aren't content with just supporting English users.    Unfortunately our grasp of other languages is limited, so we need your help.    If you speak English as well as another language, please contact us through our regular support channels and help us translate our applications to your language.

To show our gratitude, we will give you any application you translate absolutely free.

If you want to help please contact us at